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Vastu Tips for bathbedroom

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Vastu Tips for bedroom

Vastu Tips for bedroom

According to vastu architecture your home, especially your bedroom must be free of architectural defects as there all the problems will fly over by their own if your bedroom is free of all vastu defects. Especially, one has to face the lack of love between husband and wife and minor disputes over money in the family. So to make your life joyful and romantic one should definitely take note of these points of architectural Bedroom disaffects, that is why you need a perfect vastu tips for bedroom.

The husband and wife relationship is also influenced by the architecture of the bedroom. If in your house these days there are unnecessary fights between husband and wife, though you love one another, as well as enhancing the relationship on your bedroom definitely notice the architectural of your bedroom, please notice that there are any vastu architectural defects in your bedroom or not.

Let us here provide for you vastu tips for bedroom below:

  • The wall behind the bed should be strong. Please, keep this in mind that there must not be any mirror in front of the bed as the person who will sleep on that bed will have to experiences insomnia and anxiety.
  • Do not keep the dressing table in front of the window in the bedroom.
  • There must not be any ban anywhere inside or outside of the bedroom furniture or not half moon shape any image or showpiece, as the members of the household suffers from poor health.
  • The walls of bedroom must be painted in light yellow or pink colour, as it will increase the love between husband and wife.

To get more vastu tips for your bedroom just share your bedroom details via enquiry form.

Vastu Tips for bedroom