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Vastu dosh remedies

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Vastu dosh remedies

Vastu Dosh Solution / Vastu dosh remedies is one of the best and leading vastu dosh solution provider sites. According to our experts the best vastu dosh solution is SWASTIK. It is said that a SWASTIK is a house of 33 crores and 83 lacs Gods and Goddesses. One must not place the pictures of the family member who are dead in the temple of the house along with God and Goddess idol. The basic and essential requirement of a human being is bread, clothes and a house to live in.

Vastu dosh remedies: To have a beautiful and clear of all vastu dosh is everyone’s dream. But due to lack of proper knowledge of vastu dosh, during the time of house foundation quite a few vastu dosh are found and the result is that the owner of the house has to face several of difficulties for instance, financial problems and political and social problems. And it’s also not possible to again demolish the house and to re-make it again and make your house get rid of all the vastu dosh.

And hence, to clear all the vastu dosh from your house without demolishing it astrologers is providing for you several of beneficial vastu dosh solution. Our astrologer has done a deep research on vastu dosh solution that is provided by our ancient sage and Gurus.

As per to the ancient sages they have given advice to use the precious energy of the rays of the sun provide by the nature and also the use of air as well the magnetic energy of the earth.

Our astrologer have given for you small but quite helpful vastu dosh solution and among them the most advantageous vastu dos solution tip is feed monkeys jiggery and roasted black gram. Place Suryaa Yntra in the East direction and worship it regularly.

Vastu dosh remedies