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Santan Yog in Kundli

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Santan Yog in Kundli

Santan Yog in Kundli

If any of the couple is having problems concerning childlessness then they can contact our Pandit ji and may take an appropriate advice and solutions. Marriage Predictions provides the facility by reading your kundli and then sees whether there is santan yog in kundli or not?

Santan yog in kundli is affected by the below reasons:

  • If the fifth planet in the kundli consists of sin planet then the child happiness is interrupted.
  • If the fifth house 6, 8,12 or 6 in, the owner of 8,12 V if the child is pleasantly interrupted.
  • If the fifth house in the constellation ominous delay in having child.
  • Fifth Rahu is ominous for the first child.
  • If the effects of sin on the ascendant child is late.
  • Ascendant, VI, VII or VIII Tue progeny is delayed. (Men and women in the horoscope)
  • Woman's horoscope ascendant V, VII, luck or benefits if Saturn is the son of late.
  • Sun-Saturn conjunction delay in progeny and offspring show differences.
  • Tue first or VII (for the woman) is an indicator of distress from the progeny.
  • Fifth place in terms of Papgrhon child has a delay in the receipt.

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