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In our Hindu sacred books there is description of several of yantras like, Hanuman Prashnavali Chakra, Navdurga Prashnavali Chakra, Ram Shaloki Prashnavali Chakra, Shri Ganesh Prashnavali Chakra and so on. With the help of these yantras we can find solutions to the difficulties of our problems and can get answers to that raised questions in our minds, in our lives, etc.

By the help of prashnavali we can know the incidents that will happen in our near future. For taking out the answer of your questions from prashnavali, first you have to take the name of the God in your heart with full faith. Just close your eyes and think about the question to get your answer and the way. You have to place the cursor on the given prashnavali’s number or word and according to that it will guide you and show you the proper way.

One must remember that prashnavali must not be used for just fun, you must have complete faith in the prashnavali and it’s answer.

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