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Marriage astrology

Marriage astrology

Marriage is considered as the most auspicious and sacred part in our Hindu society. It is said that the marriages are made in heaven only, but the wedding knots are tied on the earth performing several of religious rituals and procedures in front of the sacred fire and the society. And then only a Hindu marriage is considered as legal.

Hindus firmly believes that the marriage between a boy and girl is not merely for this life but for coming seven lives as well. Though nowadays, due to the modernization and by several of other reasons marriages are breaking. The main cause can be that in today’s generation there is lack of compromises and patience. And both compromise and patience is must in a marital life. Each new relation needs proper time and especially the relation of marriage.

Know about the actual age of your marriage by the help of marriage astrology by date of birth and time. In the numerology the result comes by the help of name number, root number and the destiny number. These three are considered highly important while predicting for your marriage astrology horoscope. Your marriage will be arranged marriage or love marriage this question’s answer can be known easily by marriage astrology by date of birth and time.

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