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Mangal dosha report

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Mangal dosha report

Mangal dosha report strongly suggests to the whole humanity that if they want to lessen the evil effects of mangal planet then they must seek blessings of Lord Ganesha. Mangal is that planet which affects the person life when it is in the particular house of your janam kundali. Let us here first discuss how mangal dosh is formed.

When the mangal is in the 1, 4, 7, 8 or else 12 then it is regarded as mangal dosh and such a perso is knon by maglik dosh. In our societythe presence of mangal dosh has created a fear and misunderstandings with each other.

Are you manglik? Is your life partner is maglik? Are the mangal dosh evil effects have impact on both of yours life? Get to know about all such questions answers at

In a horoscope mangal dosh is also recognized by kuja dosh as well. Mangal dosh is considered as one of the most important factor in marriage ceremony of Hindu society. Mangal dosh is considered negative for marriages. Mangal dosh is regarded as the prime cause for divorce, tensions and miseries in married couple’s life. It is observed that if a mangal dosh is found equal both in a girl’s and a boy’s janam kundali then only marriage must be done.

By the help of mangal dosh report you can know about the position of mangal dosh in your janam kundali. And on the other hand if mangal dosh is found then will also provide for you mangal dosh remedies by the help of mangal dosh report.

Mangal dosha report