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K.S. Krinamuthy was one of the most famous and recognized astrologer from Bangalore. He developed his own astrology on the basis of parashriy astrology, which is known as KP Astrology. Most of the astrologers are widely using KP Astrology to know the answers related to the astrological queries. KP Astrology can be used in anytime in taking out Janam Kundali. In the field of astrology majority of the astrologers are widely using this KP Astrology technique in answering astrological questions. On the contrary KP Astrology is also used for predicting the time of the incident when it would occur. To predict the time of marriage, time of job in such cases also KP Astrology is been used by the astrologers.

The best thing of KP Astrology is it’s accurate and straightforward predictions. In astrology KP Astrology has a prime place and it also provides astrology a scientific based policy as well. KP Astrology focuses on the planetary position. According to the KP Astrology not merely your zodiac signs planet gives you fruit but the ruling planet is also responsible for this. In KP Astrology the ruling planet method is used as the ruling planet position will be same on both while questioning and while giving answer to that question. For instance, if someone wants to know the exact date of their marriage and according to the KP Astrology the time when this question is asked in that the ruling planet will be same while questioning and when the marriage will happen.

KP Astrology also is not in favor of Ashtakvarg, Kaalsarp, Mangal Dosh and so on. KP Astrology is in reality a 21st century astrology method and it is made for the computer using astrologers. And also resolves life’s small problems by proving precise results.

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