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Engagement Muhurt

Engagement Muhurt

Engagement is that ritual which is performed prior of marriage. The real meaning of engagement is to stop the selected girl and boy by a ritual so that they do not continue to have search for another girl or boy prior of their marriage date. And this is the reason that this ritual is also known as ROKA in Hindi.

In our ancient sacred Scriptures for engagement the word is referred to is the word – selection i.e. Varan in Hindi, brides selection and selection of groom.

Today and in the scriptures best auspicious engagement muhurat are provided and hence, the engagement must be conducted in those provided auspicious dates only.

At you will also find engagement muhurat that is best suitable for you and then you can start the rest of the work that is fixing the marriage date, booking the marriage hall and so on marriage preparations as well.

You can check the engagement muhurat according to your holidays date, according to your ease and above all according to the best engagement muhurat too.

Auspicious engagement muhurat are as below: Purva Falguni, purva ashadha, Purva Bhadrapad, Anuradha, Kritika, Dhanishtha, Uttrafalguni, uttara ashadha, Uttarabhadrapad, Rohini constellation are good for engagement.

The most prohibited periods of engagement: The most sacred engagement ceremony must not at all be performed during Bhadra i.e. Vishti Karan, combustion of Guru and Shura and Chaturmaas.

Engagement Muhurt